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My name is Mahabodhi and I belong to a Buddhist movement called the Triratna Buddhist Community. This movement is largely a self-help organisation and there is not enough money in the pot to support teachers or writers, which means my work goes unfunded.

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I feel passionate about spreading the teaching of the Buddha – this website reaches out to around 700 individuals a month. I am engaged in researching and writing about the teaching of the Buddha full time. It would be a great help if you wanted to support my work, not only because it is encouraging to see that someone is ‘in your corner’ but also because it relieves my financial anxiety. To pay for my living expenses, books and personal retreats, I need around £650 a month more than I get now.


Would you be interested helping me with that by taking out a standing order or making a one-off donation?


*  If 2 people made out a standing order for £100 a month,

*  4 people made out a standing order for £50 a month, and

*  12 people made out a standing order for £20 a month, I would reach my target.




If you do want to make out a standing order please send it to:


G. Burton

The Co-operative Bank

Sort code 08-93-00

Account number 12427079





You can also donate via my Just Giving page, where you can also donate via Giftaid, at:


They accept Paypal and most other payment methods.




Best wishes and thankyou,