Guided meditations from course


Guided Meditations from Meditation Course


If you are new to meditation or Buddhism why not try out these guided meditations from the Jan / Feb 2014 meditation course led by myself and Nishpara at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.


All you have to do is find a quiet place where you don’t think you will be disturbed, sit in a comfortable chair or on some cushions and listen to the guided meditations here and now,

Or why not get some headphones and listen or your smartphone!


Week one

Mahabodhi (15 minutes)


Becoming aware of our situation – 8 Jan 2014




Week two

Nishpara leading a body scan (18 minutes)

Body scan: the contours of the body – 15 Jan 2014


Nishpara introducing the mindfulness of breathing meditation (7 minutes)

The mindfulness of breathing: an introduction – 15 Jan 2014


Nishpara leading the mindfulness of breathing (19 minutes)

The mindfulness of breathing: stages 1 and 2 – 15 Jan 2014




Week three

Nishpara leading body scan (20 minutes)

Organ breathing – 22 Jan 201


Mahabodhi leading mindfulness of breathing focusing on details of breath (15 minutes)

Mindfulness of breathing (details) – 22 Jan


Nishpara introducing mindfulness of breathing stages 3 and 4 (7 minutes)

Intro to mindfulness of breathing: stages 3 and 4 – 22 Jan 2014


Nishpara leading full mindfulness of breathing (28 minutes)

Mindfulness of breathing – 22 Jan 2014




Week four

Mahabodhi introducing metta or loving kindness (18 minutes)

Introduction to metta – 29 Jan 2014


Mahabodhi leading the metta bhavana: the cultivation of loving kindness (26 minutes)

Metta bhavana – stages 1,2 and 5 – 29 Jan 2014




Week five

Mahabodhi leading a body scan (21 minutes)

Body scan – 5 Feb 2014


Nishpara introducing the metta bhavana stages 3 and 4 with leading through (Introduction 13 minutes, lead through 26 minutes)

Metta bhavana – stages 3 and 4 – 5 Feb 2014


Mahabodhi leading the metta bhavana focusing on the gap between feeling and craving (17 minutes)

Metta bhavana – focusing on the gap – 5 Feb 2014