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Buddhism and Education

'Curriculums, Exams and Degrees - How Do We Really Learn About Life?'

A public talk at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, in the 'Buddhism and the Big Questions' series, 26th March 2011

In this talk I explored how the Buddhist teachings of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Kalama Sutta and Meghiya Sutta shed light on what would be a Buddhist education.  Along the way I examine the educational theories of John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau.  I also look at the twentieth century philosophies of Logical Positivism and its influence on the digital revolution and at Heidegger's Phenomenology and its influence on valuing personal experience.

Watch video - 65 mins (45 Mb)

Buddhism and Science

'Buddhism and Science' colloquium, Oxford University, 2010

This seminal series of videos was recorded during a 2-day colloquium on Buddhism and Science at Oxford University involving leading scientists, philosophers, Buddhist scholars and Buddhist practitioners in deep debate on the perceived convergence of modern science (relativity theory, quantum mechanics, systems biology, cognitive psychology, clinical science) with some of the traditional ideas of Buddhism (anti-metaphysical stance, interdependence, emptiness, no-self). The colloquium was organised by Vesna Wallace (Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies at Oxford), Denis Noble (Emeritus Professor of Physiology) and Alan Wallace (Director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies). In addition to the introduction, there are 11 30-minute recordings. The debates are lively and critical.

I could only get to the second day, where I saw Peter Hacker's talk, and contributed to the closing discussion.  All of the proceedings were videoed and made available on Voices from Oxford website.


Day 1 - 4th March 2010

Introduction by Denis Noble.

'Is there a Buddhist science?' by Vesna Wallace

'Relativity and Emptiness' by Laurent Nottale

'Systems Biology and Relativity' by Charles Auffray

'Systems Biology and No-Self' by Denis Noble

'Science of the Mind' by Alan Wallace

'Mindfulness in Clinical Psychology' by Mark Williams

'Cognitivism and Buddhist Psychology' by John Peacock

'Classical causality to quantum entanglement' by Michel Bitbol

Buddhism and Science - General Discussion

Day 2 - 5th March 2010

Response by Peter Hacker

Buddhism and Science - Closing Discussion 
I'm in this video!

Peter Hacker's views in TPM; The Philosophers' Magazine  25th October 2010

Psychotherapy Conference

International Conference of Cognitive Psychotherapy , Rome, 2008

Attended conference, met Jon Kabat-Zinn, delivered poster presentation entitled: 'Can mindfulness be contained within a behaviourist framework?' which was published in Italian journal Psychomed. Gave out paper of same title to 100 delegates.

Conference programme


Poster presentation

Psychomed  Poster published in December 2008 issue (as pdf - 8Mb)


Mindfulness of 'objects present in the mind'
- Dhammas satipatthana

Excerpt from book-in-progress on mindfulness; seeing 'mental objects' or dhammas as what constitutes a persons view or perspective.


Talks on Mindfulness

Five talks on mindfulness at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness:an introduction  (15Mb)

3rd September 2007

Mindfulness of Body  (13Mb)

10th September 2007

Mindfulness of Feeling (18Mb)

24th September 2007

Mindfulness of Citta (Heart-mind)  (36Mb, 53 mins)

1st October 2007

Mindfulness of Mental Objects  (22Mb, 49 mins)

8th October 2007

Course handouts

The Mindfulness of Breathing

This short article explains how the mindfulness of breathing meditation works through paying attention to the details of the breath and in the process giving our mind a break from its normal preoccupations. Published in February 2012 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Consciousness and the Embodied Mind

Notes for talk at Padmaloka Retreat Centre exploring phenomenology, cognitive therapy and the Satipatthana Sutta.  May 2007.


Triratna Buddhist Order

The Three Great Phases of the FWBO / Triratna Buddhist Community

An analysis of evidence for Reginald Ray's Threefold Model in the historical phases that the FWBO / TBC have gone through since 1973. Published in November 2010 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Work As Spiritual Practice: Introducing Reginald Ray's Threefold Model

Talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 6th September 2010

Listen  (39 mins)

Complete Path to Nirvana

The Mindful Path to Nirvana

This article explains how a Buddhist teaching called the Five Margas or Paths works as a path to Nirvana. The article in particular shows how mindfulness operates at different stages of progress along the path. Published in November 2011 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda. Develops ideas in previous article published in Shabda in November 2010.


Stream Entry and the ‘Five Paths’

The path to awakening is expressed in the Jewel Ornament of Liberation as the ‘Five Paths.’  This article explores how they fit in with stream entry. Published in Shabda in November 2010.



Views and Emotions

This short article explains why it is important to distinguish between the views we have on the one hand and the way we are often emotionally attached to them on the other. It goes into why an ad hominem argument is not really an argument because it only points to the mental state of the person rather than the view they are proposing. Published in November 2011 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Loving Kindness

The Metta Bhavana

This short article explains how we develop positive emotions through changing our perspective on people. Published in November 2011 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Universal Loving Kindness (Metta)
as ‘Constructive Imagination’

This short article explains how we develop positive emotion through the transformation of sanna or apperception. Published in April 2011 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Ritual and Devotion

A Schema for Imagination and Ritual based on the Five Buddha Mandala

This short article explains the mechanics of imagination and ritual with emphasis on five pitfalls to avoid: literalism, philistinism, skepticism, superstition and delusion. Published in February 2011 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Twelve step bowing programme

Short practical article on bowing. Published in November 2010 issue of Triratna Buddhist Order journal, Shabda.


Mindfulness of Reality through Play and Poetry

Talk at Western Buddhist Order National Order weekend on the theme of 'Imagination,
Ritual and Sadhana.'  February 2005

Listen  (34MB)
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