After graduating in physics from Manchester University in 1977, I moved to London. When I came into contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community at an open day at the West London Buddhist Centre (WLBC) in Notting Hill Gate in 1988 I learnt meditation from two teachers who later became prominent authors within the Triratna Community:


Paramananda, who wrote the best-selling Change Your Mind‘, ‘A Deeper Beauty‘, and ‘The Body


Jinananda: the author of ‘Warrior of Peace‘, and Meditating: A Buddhist View, and editor, from Sangharakshita’s lectures and unpublished seminars, of  ‘Wisdom Beyond Words‘, ‘Who is the Buddha?‘, ‘What is the Dharma?’ and ‘Know Your Mind.’


I was ordained in 1997 by Kamalashila, the original founder of the WLBC and author of ‘Buddhist Meditation: Tranquility, Imagination and Insight. It was he who gave me my name Mahabodhi, which means ‘Great Enlightenment’, as in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya, India, whigh marks the spot where the Buddha gained Enlightenment.