Sutra of Golden Light Puja

 Devotional text based on the Sutra of Golden Light.




I worship the Buddhas,

Who are like oceans of virtues,

Mountains gleaming with the colour of gold,

Like Sumeru, the King of Mountains.

Even with hundreds of voices,

In a thousand aeons,

The Buddhas virtues cannot be told;

For the Conquerors qualities are supreme:

They are all-encompassing and without number.

The virtues of a single Buddha,

Can never be told.

Each Buddha is golden,

Shining like pure gold.

He has fine eyes,

Pure and faultless like sapphire.

His shapely limbs are as pure gold

And his body shines

With all the marks of excellence.

The Buddha is a blazing fountain

Of glory, splendor and renown.

He is a Buddha-sun,

Removing the darkness of the three realms

With his rays of compassion.

He sooths the tortured minds

Of those consumed

By the fire of the impurities

With the sage’s meshes of moonbeams.

Homage to the Buddha,

Whose Enlightenment is pure,

Who is eloquent in the pure Dharma,

Who is free from all evil ways,

Who has pure understanding of life’s true nature!

How endless is the Buddha’s glory,

Who is a bringer of joy,

A bringer of good,

A bringer of blessing,

The source of every inconceivable blessing.




With my head I bow down to all the Buddhas.

Now and for ever,

I go for refuge

To all the Buddhas.

I will worship the Buddhas

In the ten directions.

I will deliver from all woe,

All beings throughout space.

I will establish in the tenth stage

All the inconceivably many beings.

May they then become Tathagatas.

I will follow the Bodhisattva career

For millions of aeons

For the sake of every single being

Until every one is delivered

From the ocean of woe.

I will make shine the Buddha-qualities.

I will cross over from the ocean of existence.

And I will fill the flood of the Buddha-sea,

The deep ocean of virtues and omniscience,

With inconceivable Buddha-qualities.

May I become an excellent Buddha

With hundreds of thousands of samadhis,

With inconceivable mantras,

With all the powers and virtues

Of Supreme Enlightenment.



Refuges and Precepts

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

Buddham Saranam Gacchami

Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

Sangham Saranam Gacchami

Dutiyampi Buddham Saranam Gacchami

Dutiyampi Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

Dutiyampi Sangham Saranam Gacchami

Tatiyampi Buddham Saranam Gacchami

Tatiyampi Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

Tatiyampi Sangham Saranam Gacchami



Ten Precepts

Panatipata Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Adinnadana Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Kamesu Micchacara Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Musavada Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Pharusavaca Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Samphappalapavaca Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Pisunavaca Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Abhijjha Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Byapada Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Micchadassana Veramani Sikkhapadam Samadiyami

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu


With deeds of loving kindness

I purify my body

With open-handed generosity

I purify my body

With stillness, simplicity and contentment

I purify my body

With truthful communication

I purify my speech

With words kindly and gracious

I purify my speech

With utterance helpful and harmonious

I purify my speech

Abandoning covetousness for tranquility

I purify my mind

Changing hatred into compassion

I purify my mind

Transforming ignorance into wisdom

I purify my mind




May the Buddhas watch over me

With minds attentive.

May they forgive my faults

With minds given over to compassion.

On account of the evil done by me previously,

Even in hundreds of aeons,

I have a troubled mind,

Oppressed with wretchedness,

trouble and fear.

With an unhappy mind,

I continually fear evil acts.

Wherever I go

There is no enjoyment for me anywhere.

All the Buddhas are compassionate.

They remove the fears of all beings.

May they forgive my faults

And may they deliver me from fear.

May the Tathagatas take away for me

The defilement of impurities and acts.

And may the Buddhas bathe me

In the surging waters of compassion.

I confess all the evil previously done by me,

And I confess all my present evil.

For the future,

I undertake to refrain

From all acts evilly done.

I do not conceal whatever evil I may have done:

The threefold bodily act,

And the fourfold with the voice,

As well as the act in the three ways

with the mind.

All this I confess.

What I have done with my body,

What I have said with my voice,

And what I have thought with my mind,

The tenfold act I have done,

I confess it all.

May I avoid the ten evil acts.

May I practice the ten good acts.

I will remain in the tenth stage.

I will become an excellent Buddha.

Whatever evil act I have done,

Bringing an undesired fruit,

I will confess it all

In the presence of the Buddhas.

May the Buddhas,

The best of all the beings

Who dwell in the ten directions,

Whose minds are full of mercy

and compassion,

May they watch over me.

Whatever evil cruel act was done

by me previously,

I will confess it before the Buddhas.

Whatever evil I have done,

By not attending to my parents,

By neglecting the Buddhas,

By neglecting the good;

Whatever evil I have done,

By being drunk with the intoxication

of authority,

Or with the intoxication of privilege,

Or with the intoxication of youth;

Whatever evil I have done,

By the application of foolish reasoning,

By a mind dark with ignorance,

Under the influence of an evil friend,

With a mind distracted by impurities,

Under the compulsion of pleasure,

Through the influence of anxiety or anger,

Or through unsatisfied avarice;

Whatever evil I have done

By my association with ignoble people,

By reason of envy and greed,

Or out of guile or wretchedness;

Whatever evil I have done,

By failure to gain mastery of my desires

In a time of fear,

Or through passion and anger

When oppressed by hunger and thirst;

Whatever evil I have done,

For the sake of food and drink,

For the sake of clothing and shelter,

Or for the sake of sex;

Whatever evil I have done

Of body, tongue and mind,

I confess it all.

Whatever disrespect I may have shown

To the Buddha, Dharma or Sangha,

I confess it all.

Whatever disrespect I may have shown

Towards Bodhisattvas

And those who preach the Dharma,

Or towards other meritorious beings,

I confess it all.

Whatever evil I have done,

Through stupidity,

From folly or pride and arrogance,

Through greed, hatred and delusion,

I confess it all in the presence of the Buddhas.

Whatever severe evil I have done,

In the oppression of existence,

Or through foolish thought,

In the presence of the Buddhas,

I confess it all.

And I confess that evil

Which has been heaped up by me

In the oppression of birth,

By the various oppressions

Of bodily activity,

In the oppression of the world,

In the oppression of the fleeting mind,

In the oppression of impurities

Caused by the foolish and stupid,

In the oppression of the arrival

of evil friends,

In the oppression of fear,

In the oppression of craving,

In the oppression of hatred,

And by the oppressions of folly and darkness,

In the oppression of the moment,

In the oppression of time,

By the oppressions of gaining merits,

Standing before the Buddhas

And in their presence,

I confess all this evil.


I rejoice greatly at any good deed

Done by any being,

Whether in this world or any other.

I congratulate them and rejoice with them.

Through the merit gained, by myself or them,

By deeds of body, speech or mind,

May they touch excellent Enlightenment.

And I extol the Buddha’s virtues,

With body, voice, and faithful heart.

Yet when I praise the Buddha’s excellence,

I can never exhaust the supreme merits

Of even one drop out of the ocean

Of his virtue and Knowledge.

The Buddha’s body is brilliant with

the colour of Gold.

He has the colour of gold

Like the golden lord of mountains.

His body is radiant with the marks of excellence.

It is brilliant with the fine splendor of gold.

He is very pure,

Serene like the king of mountains.

He has the god-like voice,

The sweet voice of a high angel.

He has the lion’s roar,

The sound of a thundering cloud.

The Buddha is an ocean

Of very pure, very flawless knowledge.

The Buddha has supreme compassion

For the welfare of all beings.

He delivers all beings from woe,

Releases creatures from the oceans of woe,

Leads beings excellently on the path of peace,

And gives every blessing to all.

He is an excellent revealer

Of the supreme meaning,

A leader of beings without number

To the blessing of complete Nirvana.




Constantly, constantly, I recollect the Buddha.

And constantly I long for a sight of him.

And always, constantly,

I make a resolve in order to see

the Buddha-sun.

Constantly kneeling on the ground,

I am consumed with longing

To see the Buddha.

Weeping pitifully for the sake of the Leader,

I long to see him

Who has attained supreme bliss.

I am constantly ablaze with the fire of longing.

Give me the cool water

Of your appearance, Oh Conqueror.

Gladden me with your compassion.

Out of mercy and compassion

Show yourself to me.

Grant me your appearance,

A glimpse of your serene form.

For the world with its gods

Has been delivered by you.

For you have shown that all beings

Are by nature a dream,

Like space,

Like the sky by nature,

Resembling magical illusions or a mirage,

Like the moon’s reflection

On the still waters of a lake.

Empty are all beings,

So you have shown.

And the sphere of the Tathagata

Is pure like crystal.

The Conqueror has entered the city

Of the supreme nectar of the Dharma.

He is able to bring to beings

Unlimited blessings.

The sphere of the Tathagata

Is subtle, wonderful and very profound.

Among all beings

None is able to know it.

Among even the greatest of the world’s sages,

None is able to know it.

Now I have no doubt,

Concerning the sphere of the Buddha.

May he therefore,

Out of mercy and compassion,

Show himself to me.




By this good act,

May I ere long become a Buddha.

May I preach the Dharma

For the welfare of the world.

May I deliver beings oppressed by many woes.

May I overcome Mara with his might.

May I turn the Wheel of the excellent Dharma.

May I remain for inconceivable aeons.

May I fulfill the six unrivalled perfections.

May I smite the impurities.

May I destroy woes.

May I extinguish craving, hatred and folly.

May I constantly recollect the great sages

And may I always listen to their speech

For it is noble.

And by this good act

May I always find a meeting with the Buddhas.

May I utterly avoid evil action.

May I practice the good acts,

The source of all excellence.

Everywhere in the spheres of all beings

May all the woes of the world

Be extinguished.

May the experience of misery

Touch no-one,

And may all beings

Be endowed with good fortune.

May they have beautiful, gracious, auspicious forms,

And continuously enjoy numberless blessings.

May there be not one being of angry look,

May they all be of noble aspect,

Creating light for one another.

May all their desires be fulfilled,

As soon as they think of them,

Through their merit and its fruit.

May all beings constantly witness

The Buddhas of the ten directions.

May they hear them expound the Dharma.

May they all find the Sangha.

The evil acts performed by me,

Committed in the misery of life,

Evil acts bringing an undesired fruit –

May they all be destroyed without remainder.

May all beings

Who dwell in the bondage of life,

Bound with the firm fetters of cyclic existence,

May they be delivered from their bondage

By the gentle hands of wisdom.

May they be delivered completely

From all their woes.

May they all become Buddhas.


Author: Mahabodhi

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