Vajrasattva Puja




Vajrasattva, essential, pure.

Vajrasattva, authentic, pure.

Vajrasattva, radiant, luminous, pure.

Vajrasattva, naked, open, pure.

Vajrasattva, vivid, empty, pure.

Vajrasattva, unshakeable strength.

Vajrasattva, natural presence.


Pure diamond of reality,

Purifying all faults eternally,

Breaking all fetters instantly,

Seeing through all obstacles clearly.



Beginningless purity,

Deepest nature,

Never impure,

Always open,

Always clear,

Always responsive,

Beyond time,

Beyond space.





Salutation Vajrasattva!

Constantly forgiving.

Constantly loving.

Without clinging,

Without grasping,

Selfless heart,

All guilt, fear,

Despair, anger,

Dissolve – liberated from our hearts.



Embracing all,

Without exception,

Whoever they are,

Whatever they have done.


Vajrasattva, Mahasattva,

All knowing vajra,

To you Vajrasattva,

I bow!


Going For Refuge



The five wisdoms,

In the dance of openness and awareness,

All things rise,

All things pass,

No things,

Only change,

Ever flowing,

Ever moving.




I will suffer illness.

I will get old.

I will die.

I have a body,

These things must be.

These things I cannot change.

This is what is in the world.



Actions have their effects.

If I make an effort,

I can grow,

If I devote myself to the Three Jewels,

I will not be let down.

If I follow the path of wisdom and compassion,

Awakening is possible.

If the obsession of self is loosened,

The Bodhicitta will arise.

If I relax, Fully at ease,

The True Nature will reveal itself.


All-knowing vajra,

Compassionate one,

Diamond warrior,

Be with me!

Help me in the fight.







Supreme Vajraholder,

The essence of great compassion,

Hold me to the samaya,

Hold me to the refuges,

Hold me to the skilful,

Hold me to the training,

Hold me to the noble quest,

Hold me with your great love.






Reflecting on the weight of my deeds,

Reflecting on the powers of disintegration,

Reflecting on the instability of my mind,

I cry out to you, “Help me now!”

My aspirations remain unfulfilled,

My efforts weak.

I fail in love and devotion.


Oh Guru within,


Protect my mind from such confusion.

Protect my mind from such selfishness.

Protect my mind from the harm it causes.


Oh Vajrasattva,

I have caused others pain and suffering,

I have caused myself great loss and hurt.


Even now I bring suffering to others,

Even now I bring suffering to myself.



With you as my firm ground,

May I be pure in intention.

May I be pure of heart.

May I be pure in thought.

May I be pure of conduct.

May I be pure in friendship.

May I be pure in giving.

May I be pure in speech.

May I be pure in listening.

May I be pure in understanding.

May I be pure in meditation.






You remain,

A shrine in the darkness.

Somewhere to place

The desperate yearnings of my heart.

You remain,

Through all the struggle.

Silent, Still.

You hold up the pure gold of truth to your heart,

Let the perfect silver bell ring,

Roll out,

One pure crystal clear sound,

Across the white singing cosmos,

Opening my heart like a flower,

It reverberates forever.


Love, truth,


Burning in you,

Purifying us all in you,

All appearances,

Flow unhindered in you.

I dissolve,

In the warmth of your love.


Reflections and Aspirations



Ultimate teacher,

Never separate from us,

With your immense love

You have shown myself and all other beings,

Their true nature.

I bow to you.



Wisdom being pervading the entire world,

And all beings,

Samsara and nirvana.

Showing me all phenomena are intrinsically pure,

By nature empty.

Showing me how everything reveals the truth.


Oh Vajrasattva,

Help me see things as they truly are.

Help me see with intrinsic awareness.

Help me see the Buddha nature everywhere.

Help all beings to meet the precious Dharma.

May they recognise it,

Wherever they are,

Whoever they are,

Whatever their nature.


Oh Vajrasattva,

Let me not stand isolated from others.

Let me not fight to master life.

Let me not grasp after life.

Let me yield like a lover to the truth.

Let me be one with you,

Take up the vajra,

Hold it to my heart,

Let me dance in the white fire of your heart!



Instantaneous presence,

Raining down healing nectar,

The gap closes,

The separation dissolves,

The suffering ceases,

The yearning ends,

I, and all beings,

Are eternally enlightened,

As we are

And always have been

Completely pure,




Author: Mahabodhi

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