Song to Amitabha

Worship and Salutation

I bow down to the West,
To the life giving sun,
To the element of fire.

I bow down to the selfless heart,
To love, compassion, devotion,
The grace of the Buddhas.
I bow down to Amitabha of infinite light.

Burning red Buddha!
Ruby red Buddha!
Fire of Compassion!
Fire of Love!
Fire of bliss!
Fire of peace!
Eternal light.

Red lotus flower,
Heart of love,
Voice of the heart,
Endless peace,
Completed circle,
Full of light,
Bringer of light.

To you, Amitabha,
Homage and praise!
To you, compassionate heart,
I bow!
To you, Lord of Infinite Light,
I make these offerings.

Mantra and Offerings


Going for Refuge

Hearing Amitabha’s name with a sincere heart,
I take refuge in the Power of Faith.

The light of Amitabha’s wisdom is measureless,
I take refuge in the True light.

Universal Sun radiating loving kindness,
I take refuge in the universally enlightened one.

Infinite skies of light, endless as space,
Infinite mind of compassion without hindrance,
I take refuge in Buddha Amitabha.

As far as his light illumines,
his love penetrates,
And the joy of faith is attained.
In the boundless heart of Amitabha I take refuge.

Buddha of the light of Wisdom,
Buddha of unfailing Compassion,
Buddha of Immeasurable light,
Buddha of Wondrous light.
Inexpressible light,
Light awakening all beings.
Beautiful light,
Light transcending form.
Light surpassing sun and moon.
I take refuge in the Buddha of Light.

Mysterious, limitless power,
I praise you with body, speech and mind.
May all beings take refuge in you.


Confessional Aspiration

May I free myself
Of the burden of selfishness.
May I free myself
Of all this pointless grasping.
May I free myself
Of searching for happiness outside of myself.
Without feeling what I am feeling,
Trying to grasp at experiences to fill this lack.
Swallowing up what I think will give me nourishment,
I only feel hungrier than before.
May I just learn to experience myself!
May I rest with this experience!
May I enjoy these pleasant feelings,
Naturally, openly.
Without cutting off from painful feelings,
Spacious, compassionate.
Through Amitabha’s wave of faith,
May I cultivate positive states,
May I dwell in the four sublime abodes,
Understanding this, feeling all of this,
Practising this,
Realising this,
Overcoming selfishness,
I experience greater happiness.
Seeing that I and mine go together,
That free of attachment enjoyment grows,
In this very life, Amitabha’s realm of Bliss arises.

Accumulating Virtue

Sun of my heart,
Within your presence,
I am content.
Free of longing to be elsewhere,
I am content.
Practising the liberating precepts,
I am content.
In the stillness of meditation,
I am content.
Facing the truth of impermanence and death,
I am content.
With the simplest share,
I am content.
In the silent mind,
I am content.
Without like or dislike,
To disturb the heart,
I am content.

Dharma Verses

The Dharma is the untroubled heart,
The heart itself is emptiness,
Only the empty heart can love,
Only in silence will one understand.
The endless passage of words stills,
The mental wandering ceases,
I hear your voice in my heart.
I hear your name in my heart.
Still heart,
Silent heart,
Vibrant heart,
Heart of emptiness.

To faith serene.
To faith deep and broad.
To the diamond heart of truth.
To the moment of pure faith.
The one pointed mind.
Feel the truth of Amitabha.

Every thought arises from mind.
Every word originates in mind.
Word, thought inseparable from mind.
Amitabha is the infinite, boundless, compassionate Mind,
Inseparable from us.

Each breath in…..
Each breath out….
In the beating of your heart..

Dedication and Aspiration

May I always hear the song of insubstantiality in all things,
In the winds,
In the falling rain,
In the sun’s rising and setting,
In the play of clouds,
In the sound of voices,
In the changing patterns of light.

May the gentle Dharma of Amitabha,
Be heard, felt, seen, and sensed in everything.

Following the path of Amitabha,
May I become a resource for all beings.
Devoting myself to the welfare of others,
Thereby the great vow is fulfilled.
Thus the light ray of Amitabha’s compassion touches all beings.

By the power of Amitabha’s meditation,
May this restless, unfulfilled mind find peace.
Tranquil, silent, calm.
In Amitabha’s realm.
Developing a deep, spacious awareness,
May the spiritual potential of all beings,
Unfold like the petals of a lotus,
In the light of Amitabha’s compassion.
Identifying oneself with Amitabha,
May the moment of death,
Be the time of awakening.
And may we all be reborn,
In the Blissful Pureland
Of Enlightenment.




Author: Mahabodhi

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