Medicine Buddha Puja



Flowers, incense, lights,

Scents, food and music.

Forms, sounds, smells, tastes,

Touch, and all dharmas.

I offer to the Medicine Buddha(s).


Faith, insight,


Joy, diligence,

mindfulness and equanimity,

I offer to the Medicine Buddha(s).


May I manifest perfect merit and the wisdom of emptiness.

With scented water I bathe the sugata’s body.

May all unskilfulness and difficulty be purified.


With a scented, soft white cloth

I dry the victor’s body.

May all be free from suffering.


With these beautiful saffron robes

I clothe the victor’s body.

May all have energy and vitality to live and practice.






Your body is like a mount,

the colour of lapis lazuli,

You dispel the suffering of illness in sentient beings.

Surrounded by a retinue of eight bodhisattvas,

Holder of Medicine,

precious deity,

I praise and prostrate to you.

Excellent Name,

Precious Moon,

Fine Gold,

Free of Misery,

Resounding Dharma Ocean,

Dharma Mind,


The genuine Dharma,

the sixteen bodhisattvas,

and others,

To the precious Three Jewels,

I offer praise and prostrate.


To Brahma,


the Great Kings,

Protectors of the Ten Directions,

The twelve yaksha chiefs and all their assistants,

Vidyadharas and Rishis of medicine,

divine and human

To the deities of ambrosial medicine,

I offer praise and prostrate.


Going For Refuge


I take my refuge in the Buddha,

And pray that with all beings

I may understand the Great Way,

Whereby the Buddha-seed may forever thrive.


I take my refuge in the Dharma,

And pray that with all beings

I may enter deeply into the sutra-treasure,

Whereby our wisdom may grow as vast as the ocean.


I take my refuge in the Sangha,

And pray that with all beings

I may reign in great multitudes

And have nothing to check the unimpeded progress of truth.




Confession and Aspiration


May I free myself Of the burden of selfishness.

May I free myself

Of all this pointless grasping.

May I free myself

Of searching for happiness outside of myself,

Without feeling what I am feeling,

Trying to grasp at experiences to fill this lack.

Through the blessing presence of the Medicine King,

May I cultivate positive states,

May I dwell in the four sublime abodes,


Understanding this,

Feeling this,

Practising this,

Realising this,

I experience greater happiness.


Seeing that I and mine go together,

That free of attachment enjoyment grows,

In this very life,

Sange Menla’s realm of Bliss and contentment arises.


Rejoicing in Merit


You are endowed with an oceanic treasury of qualities and merit;

By the blessing of your inconceivable compassion

You calm the suffering and torment of sentient beings.

I supplicate you, Light of Lapis Lazuli.


Those bound by very intense greed

Are born in the hungry ghost realm.

If they hear your name,

they’re born human and take delight in generosity.

I supplicate you, victorious Menla.


Violating morality and abusing others,

Beings are born in the hell realms.

Hearing your name,

they’ll be born in the higher realms.

I supplicate you, King of Medicine.


Whoever by repeated dissension and slander

Creates deep schisms and takes life,

Hearing your name,

they cannot harm others.

I supplicate you, King of Medicine.


Excellent Name,

Appearance of the Stainless Fine Gold,

Glorious Supreme One Free of Misery,

Resounding Dharma Melody,

King of Direct Knowledge,

King of Melody,

And King of Shakyas,

I supplicate you all.


Powerful Ones of the Dharma,

I supplicate you.


Through the blessing of this supplication,

May all varieties of disease and dangers of this life be pacified.

At death, may all fear of the lower realms be allayed.

Grant your blessing that we are then born in Sukhavati.




Bhagavat, who is compassionate equally to all beings,

The very hearing of whose name pacifies the three lower states,

Medicine Buddha,

who eliminates the illnesses of the three poisons,

May there be the goodness of the Vaidurya Light.

May sentient beings,

whatever illnesses they suffer,

Be liberated quickly from those illnesses.

May all the illnesses of beings,

without exception,

Forever not arise.


May medicines be effective,

May all intentions of the path be accomplished,

May all beings attain compassionate mind.



Author: Mahabodhi

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