Mindfulness talk at the Manchester Buddhist Centre

Here is a video of the talk that I gave on 19th June 2013 at an evening for men mitras at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on the topic of ‘Mindfulness and the Satipatthana Sutta.’
Length – 50 mins including Questions and Answers

Author: Mahabodhi

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  1. Dear Mahabodhi .

    I am writing here as I couldn’t find a Contact Us tag on the home page.

    I found you by searching in Google ” Padmasambhava Antlers ” .

    The white stag which entered my dreams about 9 months ago recently leapt straight into my visualisation practice and I discover from using the net that the stag is not just one of Joseph Campbell’s “denizens” , but has much wider associations with Padmasambhava himself.

    My Aunt, Judith `Dubignon ( Jayasri ) was in the FWBO for many years in Auckland and it is was whilst staying with her that i did a 10 day retreat with the Tibetan Buddhists in North Auckland and my visualisation practice came to me in a dream ( this was 1994 ).

    In meditation this morning the antlers were on my head and this prompted my Google search. I am not a member of the FWBO , although i was many years ago. Achala taught me meditation in 1977 / 78 , in Wellington, New Zealand .

    Without the password I am unable to read about the man with the antlers on his head and so I’m writing to ask if it would be possible for you to send me this text .

    All the best ,


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