‘Curriculums, Exams and Degrees – How Do We Really Learn About Life?’

A public talk at the Manchester Buddhist Centre in the ‘Buddhism and the Big Questions’ series  

26th March 2011


In this talk I begin by briefly exploring two contrasting educational theorists who are influential today: John Locke proposed that the child was a ‘blank slate’ that could be written upon; and Jean Jacques Rousseau was an educationalist for whom the child was like a plant to be grown and nurtured. I then look at the influence on education of the contrasting twentieth century philosophies of Logical Positivism, which influenced the digital revolution, and Heidegger’s philosophy of Phenomenology, which puts a great emphasis on personal experience. I conclude by exploring how three Buddhist scriptures: the Satipatthana Sutta – which contains the Buddha’s main teaching on mindfulness, the Kalama Sutta and the Meghiya Sutta, all shed light on what would be an ideal Buddhist education.

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Author: Mahabodhi

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