Puja to Prajnaparamita

Image: Sanctuary and statue of Prajnaparamita made by Sagaravajra – Buddhafield Green Retreat 2006. Photo courtesy of Akuppa.


Praise for the Goddess

Goddess of wisdom,

Bathed in golden light,

Bright, pure,

Beautiful, clear.

From the celestial lotus You rise,

Radiant as the sun.

From the cosmic lotus – heart, You unfold.

Womb of the universe,

Giver of life,

Creative principle,

I bow to you.


Goddess of the primordial waters,

Goddess of earth,

Mother goddess moving through all creation.

Lotus goddess,

Lotus born,

Lotus nectar,

Golden one,

Bringing health, prosperity, fertility, growth.

I pay homage to you.


Mother of all,

You bring all fruits,

And all virtues.

You are the sacred song sung in everything,

In the flowing waters,

In the breath of wind,

In the whispering trees,

In the stars,

In the hearts of all.

You bring to life,

You awaken,

Enlightening wisdom.

You see into,

You see beyond,

You are the deeper nature,

That animates,

That knows.

Queen of Wisdom, To you I call in devotion.


Wisdom Dakini,

Pure space emptiness,

Brilliant, empty, vivid,

Overflowing joy, boundless love,

Sun nourishing the universe.

You open the doors of contemplation.

Your beauty a perfect flower,

Where we are held by love’s spell and power.

I open my heart to you,

Please enter!




Awakening to the Goddess

Ancient, timeless, manifold and whole,

Great Goddess,

You rise from the waters,

You are the golden light,

You are the wakening earth,

The heart of love,

A fire of love,

Love dissolving all hate.

Love bringing the creative urge to life.

Love woven into all the elements,

Your breath on the winds,

Your touch in the warm sun.

Your presence firm as rock, soft as a leaf.

You flow in the rivers, streams and seas,

You fill all space and hold nothing as your own.

Time stands still gazing upon your face

All other things change,

But you remain.

Inseparable, mysterious, unfathomable.



Praise to Prajnaparamita,

Who is loving towards all.


Homage to Prajnaparamita

With Love and Wisdom in her eyes.

Radiant she sits

On blue lotus and glowing white moon.


Homage to the spiritual mother,

From whom all Buddhas are born.

Praise to her,

Refuge of the world,

Sitting in vajra pose unshaken, firm.


Homage to the Wisdom Goddess,

Who leads us to liberation.

Smiling, she looks towards us

Relaxed, at ease.


Going For Refuge

I take my refuge in the Buddha,

And pray that with all beings

I may understand the Great Way,

Whereby the Buddha-seed may forever thrive.


I take my refuge in the Dharma,

And pray that with all beings

I may enter deeply into the sutra-treasure,

Whereby our wisdom may grow as vast as the ocean.


I take my refuge in the Sangha,

And pray that with all beings

I may reign in great multitudes

And have nothing to check the unimpeded progress of truth.





Mother of Buddhas

And all of the wisdoms,

Knower of essence,

And bearer of jnana,

Sunyata’s emblem:

Please hear me confess.


When I have been unskilful with my body

I have forgotten you;

When I have been unskilful with speech

I have forgotten you;

When I have been unskilful with my mind

I have forgotten you;

In many ways, at many times, in many places,

I have forgotten you.


I confess all my failings,

My weakness, my blindness

O hear my confessions

And grant me your blessing!



O silent one, wise one

O knower of secrets,

Whisper to me

The sound before silence.

Enter my heart

With the wisdom of understanding.

May devotion fill my heart.

May prayer fill my speech.

May wisdom fill my mind.

Oh, wide is my heart,

Please grant me your teaching!





O, great Lady Prajnaparamita,

May I rest in your beauty.

Suffuse me, O bright one,

With your golden light.


May wisdom in perfection pervade me,

Transforming defilements.

May it shine through me

With the warmth of compassion.

Now, and at all times.

May your secret light

Illumine my mind.

May it guide me to the truth.




Concluding Mantras


Author: Mahabodhi

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