Amoghasiddhi Puja

Compiled by Dharmachari Maharatnajyoti, June 2002



I have collected delicate wild flowers

I have acquired sweet fragrant incense

I bring candles to dispel the darkness

And hope, blessed Amoghasiddhi

That you will accept my worship

And the gifts that I bear.

I offer everything that pleases me

From soothing caresses

To the most rarefied fragrances.

From the movement of clouds seen from above

To the firmness of the earth that supports me.

All the smells on warm summer breezes –

Azaleas and honeysuckle

The succulent taste of wild strawberries

The sweet song of the first bird in the morning

Sunsets resounding with angels

All these delights I offer.

I offer all that enlivens:

Unquellable rhythms and dances

Spring tides whose waves crash and dwarf me

The thought of the roar of the jaguar

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes;

All these powerful forces I offer.








I acknowledge my arrogance

In thinking I can evoke you as and when I choose

But I will grow

To embody the fearlessness needed

Not to flee

When you choose to appear.

Your wisdom is mysterious

Like the sky at midnight

Into which you soar

With the birdmen’s cymbals sounding

Beneath and all around you,

Your fearlessness means

That you have the ability to achieve anything,

And so you exude compassion,

Vajrapani and Green Tara

Lead those who bow toward you.

Lord Amoghasiddhi

Allow that the sincerity of my worship

May be as true as theirs.

If you should make yourself seen

I feel honour bound to greet you.

How could I turn from your presence;

Your image so long elusive.

I look up at you,

Eyes wide in wonder

And feel tears

As I take in your splendour.

Whatever meaning these tears have,

You smile and your raised hand reply.

Now I feel my heart soften

And now those tears start to fall.

Your whole being glows with compassion

To encourage feelings

That I do not understand.



Expression of Intent

The brave advise action for the good

Despite feeling fear.

I sit at your feet

A reticent wretch

The simplest act of bravery anathema,

I have been listening to your teaching

Unique Amoghasiddhi

And wish for nothing more nor less

Than the insight

That leads to lack of fear altogether,

And so the ability to do anything

Not just the obviously good.

And to live in the realm of all-vajra

So as to know when to act

And how to act

And when to sit resolutely still

And that sitting still

Itself to be the perfect action.



Going for Refuge

I go for refuge to you

Exemplifier of fearlessness.

I go for refuge to you

And you remind me continually

That all that I fear

Is either impossible or inevitable.

I go for refuge to you

You who show me that I am innately compassionate.

I go for refuge to you

Mysterious deep green Buddha.

Lord Buddha Amoghasiddhi,

Determined that I already know

How happiness can be attained,

I have continued to deny

Exactly how I am

Like a jealous god

Grasping at the fruit

On someone else’s tree

And blind to how fortunate

I surely already am.

So confer your triple blessing

That I may turn toward you,

Sweet Amoghasidhi

Scintillating light.



Praise of qualities


Known for fearlessness

Thus points out our fears

Whether the apparent vastness that is terror,

Or the triviality

That is embarrassment or doubt.

Our fears it is

That keep us from being

All that we truly are.


Known for fearlessness

Thus embodies and expresses

The union of opposites,

The feminine and masculine,

The yellow of earth

And the blue of heaven.

These opposites are transcended

And unified in you.


Known for fearlessness,

Thus can be truly spontaneous.

So let me risk all

And let each action

From my heart blossom

And not shy away

From possible mishap

Then surely I too

Will ride spontaneity’s sunbeam.


Known for fearlessness,

Thus you are assured

Of unobstructed success.




May all my actions

Be as starlight in day time

May all my actions

Be as rainbows at night.

And may your enigmatic smile

Continue to guide

So like the reflection of the moon

Which rises out of still water

I have no doubt

Where my path lies.

Lord Buddha Amoghasiddhi,

Dispeller of all differences

Confounder of separateness

May your wisdom

Lead to the liberation of all beings.









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Author: Mahabodhi

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